What Are Choppy Layers?

10/26/2019 By
Choppy layers are undefined length hair, which creates a bold look to your personality easily by adding some different elements to your hair. The choppy layers created of different sections of your hair, which create a different length to your hair.  The chopped layered creates a more chaotic look than a composed, sophisticated look. Layered hair vs. chopped hair Have you ever wondered what is… Read the rest

Incredible short hairdos for ladies over 40

03/06/2019 By
Despite the age, all ladies strive for looking stunning. Some of them experiment with styles and clothes. Others are not that radical and change haircuts. When you get older, you value time and convenience even more. Dedicating so much time to family and work makes women tired. They choose what is practical. This is one of the reasons why so many of them decide to… Read the rest

5 tips on selecting a new hairdo

02/08/2019 By
No matter your age or face, there are hairdos that suit you and those that do not. In fact, it impossible to find a man or a woman that looks perfect with any cut. This problem refers to both genders. In order to keep the right image, one should carefully select a hairstyle. There is nothing worse than cutting hair and understanding that you do… Read the rest